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The Henningsens are an American country band composed of Brian Henningsen (dad), Aaron Henningsen (son) and Clara Henningsen (daughter). In 2011 they were signed to Sony Arista Nashville. The Henningsens released their first single, “American Beautiful”, in December 2012 and the music video was released on February, 28th 2013. The song reached #14 on Mediabase Country Chart and #17 on Billboard Coutry Aircheck. They debuted at the Grand Ole Opry on February 2nd, 2013. Their second single “I Miss You” was released in July, 29th, 2013. They toured with Brad Paisley in the Summer of 2013 and got to perform on Good Morning America live on July 4th,2013.


They are the writers behind hits like “You Lie” and “All Your Life” (released by The Band Perry), as well as other songs like “Alone” (released in Sara Evans’ album “Stronger”). They also co-wrote other album cuts like “Lasso”, “Independence” and “Miss You Being Gone”, all from The Band Perry’s debut album, and “Back To Me Without You”, “End Of Times”, “I’m A Keeper”, “Night Gone Wasted”, “I Saw A Light” as well as the title track from The Band Perry sophomore’s album, “Pioneer”.

The Henningsens are currently in studio finishing their debut album and they will release a new single this fall.


Clara Henningsen:   Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin.

Aaron Henningsen:  Guitar, Mandolin, Vocals.

Brian Henningsen:   Bass, Guitar, Vocals.


Wanna know more about the song they wrote or hear some of their amazing songs? Click here.

Some trivia about our favorite band!


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